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Top 3 Mother's Day Gifts

March 10, 2017

Top 3 Mother's Day Gifts

We're not short on unique, meaningful gifts at OAK. So when asked to give my Top 3 Mother's Day Gift ideas it was a bit of a brain wrestle! We have so many that could have made the cut but these I think offer a brilliant blend of sentimental, symbolic and fun loving keepsake jewellery items that are sure to be treasured. 


1 > 'A Life Within' Acorn Necklace Charm 

This is our little superstar necklace charm. It's packed full of sentiment and is a treasurable keepsake. To some it sparks happy memories of childhood, for others it's the symbolism of life and new beginnings that makes it a perfect necklace charm to wear close to the heart. With such unique details of 18ct gold vermeil and beautiful craftsmanship, no wonder it's a such an iconic piece. A definite must-have gift for all mums

 necklace charm gift for Mother's Day


2> Lemon Necklace Charm.

I had to include this because it's just too cute not too. We designed this jewellery token to wear as a symbolism for having a zest for life which is a brilliant notion for a fun loving, life embracing mum. But it's taken on it's own life and the meanings it resonates with people can be so much more personal. I love the story of a customer who bought this to add to her jewellery autobiography as a momento of her favourite place in Italy. I also love it a symbolism for a well deserved Gin and Tonic!  Jewellery is such a personal thing and this necklace charm might well spark the connection with your mum too. Created in 18ct gold vermeil it can be worn as a stand alone necklace or layered with any of our other collectable necklace charms. 

 Gin and tonic gift for mum

3> Venus Shell of Love Necklace Charm

This is the perfect present for those that love to dream of the sea. Parul wears it as she grew up by the sea and it's her little wearable keepsake of those days. She still heads to the beach even on a cloudy British day so this necklace charm really speaks for her. We originally designed it as a token for love and name it the Venus Shell of love.  It's certainly a go to gift if your looking for something meaningful and unique. It also comes in rose gold vermeil and the two together team brilliantly creating the ultimate beachcomber style.

 unique jewellery present

Want to know more about these must-have gifts? Head over to our Mother's Day shop to see more pics and details.