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3 Great Ways To Personalise Your Unicorn Charm

February 21, 2017

3 Great Ways To Personalise Your Unicorn Charm

Find out how to wear your unicorn necklace charm to perfectly match your personal style. 

These are our 3 favourite ways to personalise the Sterling silver unicorns horn - a necklace charm symbolic of making your dreams happen. 

sterling silver unicorns horn necklace charm for dream believers

personal style


Wear the symbolic unicorn charm on a long 34inch silver chain for a minimal look over over-sized sweatshirts if the weather just refuses to warm up! 


silver necklace made with unicorn and dreamcatcher charms by oak jewellery

For an eclectic mix of dreamy necklace charms, pair the silver unicorn charm with the dreamcatcher talisman pendant.  This boho necklace would layer effortlessly over a floaty printed kimono dress adding a little dreaminess to your look and your day! 


unicorns horn and seashell charm necklace on a silver chain by oak jewellery

We believe in love + we love this eclectic mix of the rose gold seashell and the silver unicorn's horn. Wear them together on a long 34 inch chain over a cotton tee & denim cut-offs for a beach ready vibe where-ever you are.