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Discover A Feeling Of Zen Through Art

January 31, 2016

Discover A Feeling Of Zen Through Art

A peaceful serenity overcomes us when we take in Erin McGean's photography. Describing herself as a photo editor, she takes inspiration from nature & surrealism. She creates artwork that 'tends to blend the natural with the surreal'
Each image has a sense of dreaminess that brings out the zen qualities that are so powerful in nature. Anything in her day to day life might be used as subject matter; her local roads, her children's silhouettes or even the design of a good chair.  Mixing & matching dreamy with everyday & portraying the strength & grace of nature are both themes we are drawn to at OAK.
beautiful artwork
Explore the beauty with in Erin's work & discover a wonderful feeling of zen.
Burn Bright Fade Fast
Burn Bright Fade Fast
oak jewellery inspiratio
Erin Mcgean photography

Love the moment and the energy of that moment will spread beyond all boundaries - Corita Kent 

trying to fit in with others left her feeling cold
She tried to fit in but it all left her so cold
Erin Mcgean art photography
I had a dream there were clouds in my coffee.
photography that is zen
To discover more of Erin's work visit her website & instagram