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The Sentimental Holiday Gift Guide

December 15, 2015

At OAK we are always inspired by nature & love, the two great forces in our lives.  

This sentimental edit is a collection of jewellery with meanings that symbolise how you feel about the mighty women that you care about the most.  Shop these gorgeous gifts with free next day delivery



A beautiful gift given from the heart

This sparkling Moonshine charm is paired with OAK's signature My Heart Spins pendant on an 18inch Sterling silver chain to create the playful 'I Heart Moonshine' necklace. 


Silver Heart Charm with a Pave Gemstone Moon Shine Pendant  
silver jewellery gift guide

A sentimental gift given with the promise of everlasting love.

This detailed branch bangle in Sterling silver is symbolic of the strength of love. 


A branch bangle in Sterling silver symbolic of love


christmas gift guide 


A dreamy gift given with the belief that dreams can come true!   

The Original Dreamcatcher charm in Sterling silver is perfect for styling with your everyday look. Worn as a beautiful reminder to catch your dreams & bring them to life. 


The Original Dreamcatcher sterling silver charm by OAK Jewellery