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Adding a Little Sunshine into Everyday

November 18, 2015

A simple breakfast can have a great impact on the day.

 Made well it is a fresh motivational springboard but neglected and it will just provide the basic humdrum fuel to get us through the morning routine with out much sparkle. 

Sometimes stepping away from the norm by adding one new magic ingredient will make the morning sunnier, brighter & happier. 


breakfast bowl to add a little sunshine in the day

This delicious recipe is sweet, flavoursome, fresh & filling!  

Start the day with a sense of wellness & drive by creating a familiar breakfast bowl of:

Muesli (with no added sugar)

Almond Milk (organic with no added sugar)

Sliced Banana

Sliced Pear


Pomegranate  *** THE MAGIC INGREDIENT ***

Simply thinking of this one nutrient filled addition adds a lovely welcome splash of luxe & sunshine.  It's a great healthy way to style the start of the day!