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A Beautiful Moon

October 11, 2015

The Moonshine charm is the perfect start to making a beautiful statement in an easy way.  This gemstone studded pendant adds effortless grace.   Create a wow factor to your everyday look by choosing from the Moonshine pendant styled 3 ways!

This classic silver pairing is a strong silver look that combines the Moonshine pendant with The Original Dreamcatcher




The beautiful Moonshine pendant sits sweetly with the Little Dreamer as a playful & pretty everyday style. 



As the saying goes 'Live by sunshine & love by the moonlight!' & we couldn't believe it more. The I Heart Moonshine pendant holds the Moonshine white topaz pendant with the My Hearts Spins charm in silver.  You can invigorate this look with the rose gold Moonshine with pink rhodolite, as rare & dreamy as the blood moon seen in the skies recently.