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Dream Big & Make It Come True!

September 08, 2015

We all have dreams we want to follow, whether it is running a race 5k, a marathon, eating a healthier diet, achieving a goal, learning a new skill, changing careers, spending more time with your family or travelling more.  This week we have been inspired by these women and their philosophies.  They all dream big & make their dreams come true.


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1. Believe In Yourself

"...everything is self-taught and the result of lots of failed experiments! I also totally understand how daunting the idea of changing your diet so radically is, but it’s single-handedly the best thing I have ever done" Ella Woodward, Healthy Eating Chef and author of Deliciously Ella (Read more here...)
If you have read down this far & so it's likely you are curious because you do have a dream you want to make happen! You will do it if you believe you can. Ella is an inspirational woman who made changes to her life and then decided to tell us what she has learned.


Kayla Itsines
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2. Share Your Dream With Someone

"If you voice your health and fitness goals to your friends and family, they can encourage you on your journey and push you when you might be lacking in motivation." Kayla Itsines (Read More Here...)
Sound out your idea/goal/dream with people that will support you at moments during your journey when you need a little help.  Saying your dream out loud means also means you are admitting to yourself that it is a real goal, now it won't be forgotten.  Plant that tiny seed of thought that can now grow beautifully. Kayla continues to motivate and guide women to achieve the healthy lifestyles they dream of. 


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3. Make Time For Yourself

"At the time, I exercised at weekends, because during the week all I could think about was work. But now I exercise throughout the week and have learnt to switch off." Tamara Hill-Norton, Founder of Sweaty Betty (Read More here...)
When you are taking steps towards making a dream come true. Don't forget to stop and take it all in & be kind to yourself on your jouney.  Rememeber to enjoy the feeling of doing something good for yourself, that in itself is definitely an achievement to be proud of.


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