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Fanciful Feathers

May 27, 2015

In nature feathers adorn birds providing them with warmth, protection, decoration and the ability of flight. Feathers are often flamboyant and extravagant and it is no surprise that fantastic feathers have been an inspiration to mankind for centuries. The likes of the distinctive peacock and vibrant macaw instantly spring to our minds when we consider the owners of nature’s most splendid feathers.

original OAK friendship feather illustration 


OAK’s feather charms are just as arresting as nature’s own and are available in a a range of eye-catching feather designs and in a variety of colours.
The amazing Happiness Feather, currently available in yellow gold vermeil and a stunning turquoise enamel is the epitome of vibrancy, and will be the icing on the cake on any Spring Summer wardrobe. I think this piece would stand up against contrasting brights or add a splash of colour to more muted tones. I like to wear my Happiness Feather on its own with a long chain.

The treasured Friendship Feather is an understated piece, symbolic of cherished friendships and love. The beautiful detail of the nature-inspired feather not only looks stunning, but its texture makes the feather irresistible to touch when wearing it. It is the perfect size for fingertips, and stroking the ridges of the Friendship Feather will instantly transport your mind to your very own precious memories. With a colour to suit everyone, the Friendship Feather comes in silver, yellow gold vermeil and rose gold vermeil.

Finally, there is the luxurious Feather of Grace. An intricate study of a feather, this charm is a truly unique piece. It is equally as tactile as the Friendship Feather with its ridged texture and weight. The imperfection of the frayed edge really makes this special for me, as what may seem like flaws are the very things that create beauty and individuality. The Feather of Grace shines brightly in silver, with a yellow gold vermeil spine.
So go ahead and be resplendent in feathers. These charms are perfect by themselves, but don’t forget, OAK have an extensive range of charms that would sing beautifully with your feather charms.
Which feather takes your fancy?