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Dream Big

May 09, 2015

We all have aspirations and ambitions. You know, those crazy fantasies of making it big and reaching that lifelong goal, whatever it may be.

It doesn’t matter whether you yearn to buy a perfect home, bag an incredible job, travel the world or run a marathon. It doesn’t matter if you choose to share your hopes with others, or if you opt to keep your passions as your own delicious secrets, for these dreams are the very things that put fire in our bellies and ensure our spirits burn bright.

My life has felt like one long dream for a long time. I freed myself of permanent employment many, many months ago and have been dreaming big about my new, unchartered direction in life. I have been existing on wild plans, big ideas and a whole lotta belief that something outstanding is going to happen to me. And let me tell you, I haven’t felt more mentally invigorated since building my dreams and conjuring up new ideas.

My big dreams keep me alive and supply me with my RDA of zeal and zest.

It is no surprise that OAK’s ‘Dream Big’ drop earrings sing to me. Jo-Anne and Parul designed them with the notion that something wonderful is just around the corner for each of us. All we need to do is believe. Believe our big dreams can and will exist, and that we possess the power required to make our big dreams happen.

I wholeheartedly subscribe to this delightful notion.

Realise your big dreams by wearing these elaborate drops. They are available in sterling silver now and will be your go-to earring in your day and evening summer wardrobe.

What are you dreaming big about?

fiona x