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An Everlasting Love

April 30, 2015

A new royal baby will be born any day now and beautiful new Mamas with miracle babies will be reminded of the love you have that can not be explained.  There are few words to describe those magical moments that make you think is this little one really mine?  It is just too amazing to believe. We are excited that Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge will go through these overwhelming emotions all over again. 

Are you looking for an item of jewellery symbolic of your sentiments or as a gift for an amazing new mum?  We have selected three beautiful pieces of OAK that are symbolic of a mothers everlasting love.  

OAK was launched by two new mums looking for the perfect item of jewellery to express the emotions and love that had taken over their lives.  The Oak tree symbolises everlasting love and we believe each powerful little acorn holds the strength and hope to become a mighty giant.


The A Life Within' acorn pendant was the first sentiment filled OAK design that was symbolic of their love for their new little acorns. 



It's all in your dreams!  You can plan and create the best opportunities for your little rays of light but in the end all you really want is to catch their dreams and make them come true! The Original Dreamcatcher pendant charm symbolically holds your all thoughts and wishes. 




It is true, love does make the heart spin! Sometimes you can't photograph or note in a journal how their unconditional love makes your heart spin.  The 'My Heart Spins' bracelet holds all the moments you share when they create so much joy that your heart spins and your head swirls a little!  


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