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Interview with a Hollywood Dialect Coach

April 28, 2015

We would love to share with you our interview with a wonderfully funny and intelligent style ambassador of OAK.  Sarah's amazing and busy life includes working as a dialect coach on films and travelling across the world to do so with a host of celebrity friends while also running a charity to save abandoned dogs from Serbia.  Sarah is one of OAK's earliest and most loyal fans; she has an envious collection of designer silver jewellery that is always so brilliantly styled.  Read on to have an insight into this amazing woman, honestly we didn't make her up! 



How would you describe your own personal style?
Childish and functional! I tend to be attracted to patterns and shapes without really thinking how they'll work together, plus I work such long hours on film sets that I have to feel comfortable. Whether or not something is 'officially' fashionable has never really been a priority for me.
What made you decide to become a dialect coach?
After university I did a Theatre Studies degree and ended up working on films in the AD and Locations departments. I enjoyed it, but I'd always wanted to work with actors as the process of creating a role and making it work on film has been an ever-present source of fascination to me. I met a few dialect coaches on the sets I was working on (I didn't know the job existed before that!) and I decided to go back to uni and do a post-grad degree in Voice Studies. I adore working as a coach on films; they're such hotbeds of creativity and passion, and actors are at the epicentre of all that so I feel I'm making a real contribution.  
Do you have any specific goals for the rest of the year?
To go on holiday! I work so much and the curse of freelancing is perma-paranoia that if you book a holiday a big job will come along.....and it almost always does. This year I will have a break - dagnammit!  
Taking a break is so important! What are you thinking sun-seeking, sport or a cultural break?  

When I holiday I literally load my kindle with books and lie on a sunbed for the whole time! Bliss!

Currently are you wearing your necklaces long or short?
I'm in a bit of a mix-it-up phase at the mo. I'm tending to have one short and one long. 
Favorite piece of jewellery? & why?
I have a solid silver ingot stamped from 1999 and engraved with my name that was a gift from my parents. It's just a lump of silver but there hasn't been a week since 1999 that I haven't worn it at least once. In 2003 I added a 'have your cake and eat it' charm from Pen haligons, which is a little fork and spoon, so it just feels extra unique and personal.
Is there someone who you look up to or admire as a personal hero?
Caitlin Moran. I love how she makes feminism real and fun, and her sense of style is so 'yeah?'.
If you could interview anyone who would it be and what would you want to ask them?
I'd love to interview an ancestor and ask them what their hopes were for us. Be interesting to see what they thought of society.
Or I'd interview a pirate and ask where they hid their treasure. 
Actually, deffo the pirate.....
Please name something that other people seem to care about, but that doesn’t matter at all to you, as well as something that you care about very much that seems unimportant to others.

People seem to get very upset about GMOs, but despite reading numerous articles from both sides of the debate, I have yet to feel especially wound up about it. I can kinda understand the fear, but I'm not at all convinced by the apocalyptic arguments from the anti-GMO team.

I co-run a UK registered charity called Serbia's Forgotten Paws and I am heavily engaged in trying to change animal welfare attitudes and legislation in Serbia. It's my second job and I am incredibly passionate about advocating for animals. But I do understand that everyone has their cause, so it doesn't trouble me when others don't rate this issue as highly as I do. I'll run a marathon for pooches, others run for cancer cures, others to free Tibet. There's lots of love to go round!  


Sounds like you love what you do which is amazing, but both of your jobs could be full-time, what do you do when you make time for yourself? 

Balance can be a challenge and one I am still working on getting right. It's easy to feel burnt out when you love what you do as you never say no. I'm trying very hard to get better at scheduling down time. Sounds ridiculous but I worry if I don't get into the habit now I'll be wishing I had when I'm 50! 


If you could what is the one piece of advice you would give your 18 year old self?

Do more yoga and chill the f&*k out you loon!!!


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