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Catch Your Dreams With A Dreamcatcher

April 04, 2015

The notion of dreamcatchers instantly transports my mind to a whimsical, bohemian daydream.  A heady mix of a warm summer’s evening with friends, an alcoholic beverage to hand, some relaxing music, outdoors on an aged veranda with an antique dreamcatcher swaying gently in the breeze.


Dreamcatcher gently moving in the wind

Antique dreamcatcher, image source


Whilst wearing my Original Dreamcatcher charm recently, the rose gold geometry of the pretty pendant caught my 3-year old son’s eye.  It sparked an interest in him and he asked me what is was.  Dreamcatchers served far more deeply than for mere ornamental purposes, and there is much more history behind this amazing talisman. This mother-son exchange prompted me to take a proper look at the symbolism and history of the ancient dreamcatcher in more detail, not to mention my newly-acquired desire to learn more about the beautiful charm designed by Jo-Anne and Parul.



The Original Dreamcatcher, image source


Dreamcatchers are rooted deep in Native American culture, created to catch good and bad dreams.  It is said that the children of Native American tribes began experiencing terrifying dreams, and dreamcatchers were hung above their sleeping heads as a charm to protect them from their nightly terrors. 


The dreamcatcher would capture the good dreams, allowing them to pass through the centre of the intricate web before filtering gently down the feathers onto the child.  Meanwhile, any nightmares would be caught and become tangled in the dreamcatcher’s web, before disintegrating in the powerful rays of the rising morning sun.  What a magical notion!  It is no surprise that the dreamcatcher has become such an iconic and influential symbol, capturing the imaginations of people all of ages and cultures in modern society.


 Illustration of a delicate dreamcatcher, image source


The dreamcatcher’s powerful history coupled with the aesthetic beauty of this unmistakable charm has seemingly mesmerised so many, and rightly so.  Although dreamcatchers are still used in the traditional manner around the globe, there are oodles of inspirational adaptations of the dreamcatcher emerging.  The dreamcatcher’s intoxicating magic can be seen trickling into the worlds of fashion, art, school curricula (The BFG was an avid dream catcher), jewellery, beauty, interior design and body art.  Everybody dreams. 
By wearing my Original Dreamcatcher pendant, I own piece of the dreamcatcher magic, a little something of my own to channel my dreams.  
The next time my son looks quizzically at my dreamcatcher pendant, I shall relish in imparting my new appreciation for the magic of this enchanting charm onto him.  I will also take much pleasure in knowing that I am catching and channelling my dreams wherever I am. 
What wonders fill your dreams and how will you catch them and bring them to life?    



Catch your dreams

 Catch your dreams, image source

By Fiona Chick
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