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Hearts for women who don't wear hearts

February 11, 2015

OAK’s My Heart Spins collection is a blindingly obvious choice for Valentine’s, as it features hearts.  But that is about as conventional and obvious as it gets.  The girls describe the MHS collection as jewellery for the woman who doesn’t wear hearts, and I think they’ve hit the nail on the head there. 
Their heart charm is almost unrecognisable as a heart at first glance.  The heart itself features four leaflets, very similar to those of the paper heart garlands you can find as decorations at weddings.  The girls tell me that the collection represents the head-over-heels, heart-whirling feelings you have when you’ve totally fallen for someone. 
Now I’ve been on the planet long enough to have experienced the heart-spinning feelings when you’re besotted with someone (and have come through the other side).  Nevertheless the My Heart Spins collection totally sings to me.  I love that the heart is so unusual, and flying on its side on the pendant and bracelet.  Whenever I look at it, I imagine that it is going to begin spinning and take flight, a little like Harry Potter’s golden Snitch.  Yes, really.              

The heart on the pendant moves as you move, slowly turning on each leaflet, which I really like.  The movement adds interest and intrigue, which is fantastic on this already interesting and intriguing pendant. 
I wear the MHS pendant on its own, but Parul likes to team it with at least one other necklace.  It is on a short necklace, so it can easily be teamed with longer pendants (OAK have loads to choose from, if you need ideas!).  I find that mine looks great against dark clothing, as it is highlighted against darker shades and you can really see how it moves.  That said, I’ve been known to pair it will pretty dresses and band tees.  I’m yet to find an outfit it doesn’t work with.
Now for the earrings.  There are two pairs to choose from in the collection; the My Heart Spins drop earrings and the My Heart’s A Flutter studs.  I’m a total earring queen, so for me, the bigger the better.  However, these guys have thrown a spanner in the works. 
You see, I totally fell for the drop earrings when I saw Jo-Anne wearing them for the first time.  It was their movement that captivated me, as they dance and flutter as your head moves.  They totally draw your eye in and when I see Jo wearing them, I can hardly take my eyes off them.  This has got to be the hallmark of awesome jewellery design, right?  With all that said, when I first laid my eyes on the My Heart’s A Flutter studs, I had almost identical feelings for them.  And they’re just teeny studs!  A pair of studs that have the same impact as the dancing drop earrings are surely a mighty pair of studs. 
Why do I love the studs?  Well, like the drops, their angles catch the light so beautifully.  The reflection of light instantly draws your eye in, creating an air of intrigue because of their unusual shape.  They are so simple really.  Just a heart, folded in half, to create a teeny fluttering heart.  But the simplest things are sometimes the most effective, and these are a classic case of that.  Every time I reach into my jewellery box, I am totally torn between the studs and the drops.  It is always a heart-breaking (pun intended) decision, but a testament to exceptional design work by the OAK girls.
Although I don’t normally wear matching sets of jewellery, I don’t mind pairing the studs with the pendant, because they’re not obviously the same.  For me, the earrings are more easily transferable to daywear, although I did recently wear the drops on a night out, matched with a lacy black, goth-style mini-dress.  I wear the studs all of the time, with whatever.  I have no boundaries or rules when it comes to jewellery!
Last but not least is the bracelet.  It is a bracelet version of the pendant, with that wonderful little golden Snitch of a spinning heart on a delicate chain.  Like the pendant, the heart spins, and it moves on your wrist.  It is a lovely piece, and the way the heart sits proud of the chain really gives it a sense of three-dimensions.  The bracelet is slightly on the large side for my child-like wrists, but the girls have assured me that the sizes of all of their bracelets are easily modified – you just need to ask before you order!
I feel that the bracelet is dainty and delicate, but simultaneously manages to speak volumes.  Personally, I wouldn’t pair it with other wristwear, instead allowing it to sing alone.  For me, it would look perfect in the summer, when your wrists are free of long-sleeves and it can be shown off in all its glory.  My favourite hue is rose gold, which is a colour that looks awesome in the summer sunshine.    
But that’s just me!  It’s your turn now.  I’d love to hear about your favourite picks from the My Heart Spins collection.  Yes yes, I haven’t forgotten that it is Valentine’s Day soon, but I’m hoping that this has inspired you to go out and ask for one (or all) of these pieces as a gift, so that you can wear it on the 14th Feb and beyond.  If you haven’t got anyone to ask to buy it for you, don't wait - just go ahead and treat yourself! 
I’d love to hear how you would wear your My Heart Spins in the comments section below.  Even better, show us by sending in your photos.  Don’t forget to please subscribe, and have a magical Valentine’s Day!
Fiona x
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