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June 10, 2016


We are busy people & doing exciting things & juggling our lives. Take time in the day to organise the mind, breathe & slow down.  The wisdom of Buddha stands the test of time & here at OAK we believe that happiness is the path! 
buddha quote
happiness is the path, Buddha quote
silver buddha talismans
Reading this article by Janet Miller these mindful suggestions do make for a zen work day

Loving these yoga poses suggested by Jennifer Aniston's yoga guru, they are simple & easy to sneak in to a busy day 

Taking a minute to do something for ourselves can also make a crazy day much happier.  Like starting that book we keep meaning to read, mixing & matching our wardrobe to create a couple of new looks or trying out a new recipe; this smoothie is so summery & refreshing, it's zen vibes in a glass! 
buddha & palm talisman necklace
Palm & Buddha talisman necklace

Wearing our Buddha talismans keeps us looking for zen vibes & finding our inner peace. Style your day from a choice of Buddha talismans & create zen vibes here.