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Interview with a Fabulous Mum & Lifestyle Blogger

March 03, 2015

Fiona Chick is a life and style blogger who speaks from the heart.  We loved the way she writes and she loved our jewellery so the collaboration is a perfect match. Read this fabulous interview with Fiona to gain a little insight into the wonderous mind of OAK's style blogger and why we chose her to blog about silver jewellery styling and trends and all things OAK. 
1.        What made you decide to start blogging?  

It was actually my father-in-law who suggested I start a blog after I had created another website for an online venture.  He figured it would be a good way to network.  At the time I had absolutely no blog ambitions, it was just a place to exercise my writing muscles. 

However, I soon caught the blogging bug, and I've gone from irregular posting to writing posts several times per week.  I adore writing and have done since I was in school.  I now wonder why I didn’t start a blog sooner.  I find it a great way to express my creativity, not to mention networking with some fantastic bloggers I’ve made friends with over the last 14 months.  I have recently moved into the world of vlogging, which at first seemed rather alien to me, but now I’m getting a little hooked with talking to the camera.  What can I say?  I love to talk, be it writing or on video!

2.        How would you describe your own personal blogging or fashion style?

My writing and fashion style are both closely intertwined.  My writing style and content is pretty eclectic and a touch quirky.  I have so many interests, taking inspiration from a huge variety of things.  Although I’m a parenting and lifestyle blogger, I like to write outside that box.  I’ve written humorous posts about Toyota radio adverts, serious posts about hate crimes, topical posts about road/car safety and health posts on coronary artery disease.  Of course, I write about my kids and child-based topics, as well as fashion and jewellery – obviously!  I just can’t keep quiet about my love of gold! 

Like my eclectic and varied writing style, my fashion style is pretty similar.  I don’t ever stick to one look.  I see clothes in the street, frequently pretty bold and unusual styles and take inspiration from them.  Some days I’m head to toe in brights, some days it’ll be florals, some days it’s all about black.  I don’t follow rules, and will happily don something that could be traditionally evening-inspired, like sequins, in the daytime.  I’m not frightened to try new looks, and I won’t lie and tell you that I sometimes go horribly wrong – who doesn’t?!  My biggest fashion loves right now are my bright white Dr Martens boots.  I’m a rock chick, and this is frequently reflected in my look, sometimes subtly, sometimes obviously.  I also really admire goth fashion and this sometimes creeps into my fashion choices.

3.        Which suits you best, many beautiful delicate stacking rings or one gorgeous cocktail ring?

Because I’m a bit of a statement girl, a gorgeous cocktail ring definitely feels more like me.  That said, I do frequently admire Joanne’s delicate OAK stacking rings! 

4.        What is your favorite piece of jewellery & why?

This is such a tough question, because all of my pieces have sentimental attachments to them.  Picking one would feel like I was cheating on the others!  My most sentimental would be my engagement ring, because it was given to me with an enormous amount of love.  I hardly wear it for the fear of scratching my kids. 

One of my favourite earrings are a pair of hoops that my mum gave to me.  They’re a hoop inside a hoop with little rose quartz hearts, and they have a beautiful movement to them. 

It would be wrong to not mention my gold Love’s Sting earrings from OAK that my husband bought for me two Christmases ago.  They make such a statement and I feel awesome when I wear them.  So yes, I realise that that was three pieces, but it is the best I could do to narrow them down!

5.      Is there someone who you look up to or admire as a personal hero?

Brian May of Queen, because he is THE guitar hero and is responsible for writing some of the best songs ever.  He built his guitar (the Red Special) from scratch, with his father, using an old fireplace – incredible. He is also a rather clever chap, with a PhD in astrophysics (how many rock stars can boast a similar achievement?).  Brian is also a big animal rights activist, which I admire greatly having given up eating meat on animal rights grounds.  He also sports the best hair ever! 

6.        What advice would you give your 18 year old self?

I would tell 18-year old Fiona to search harder for her passions and strengths and embrace them.  She was a flighty girl, totally incapable of knuckling down and dedicating herself to anything important.  I would also tell her to appreciate her youth, treasure her health and drink more sensibly! 

7.      Which is your favourite out of all of your blog posts & why?

My post on childbirth (titled ‘Childbirth: It isn’t that Bad’) is my favourite.  I wrote it because I felt passionately that women scare each other about childbirth, and it really didn’t have to be that way.  I was lucky enough to have an amazing friend who made me feel empowered about childbirth before I had my first child.  It was because of her that I went into childbirth with confidence and without fear.  Without her I may have not felt so positively about the prospect, and I wanted to share those feelings with others.  I figured that if I could make at least one person have a better attitude towards childbirth, it would be worth it.  That post was shared a lot in a mini-viral manner, although I have had a subsequent post go even more viral. 

8.        Do you have any specific goals for the rest of the year?

I anticipate that my other website, Chick’s Nursery List, will be built and launched this year.  More work has gone into it recently, and I expect it will be up and running in the next few months. 

I also want to take my blogging on Free Range Chick to further heights.  I have some guest blogs coming up and collaboration ideas.

On a personal level, we’re hoping to go on our first family holiday this year, not to mention buying a house – preferably by the sea! 

9.        If you could interview anyone who would it be and what would you want to ask them?

I would love to interview Rev. W. Awdry and ask him if he ever anticipated that Thomas the Tank Engine would become the colossus of a brand that it is today.  I would also ask him why all of his characters are so competitively bitchy with each other! 


When Fiona is not vlogging or blogging for OAK you can find her on the world wide web at these links (or possibly at her mums having a cuppa with her gorgeous sons):